Sunday, 11 March 2012

On The Street – Orchard Road, Singapore
This is one of the simplest match of golden yellow, warm crimson orange with a tinch of brown. It may appear monotone, but it's the extra shapes that really bring some attention. Round plated white necklace, round spots on the hat band, checkers bag, squares-triangles-lines printed on shoes and a square bracelet watch.

So this was the story (I think it's worth telling). She was in her tortoise shades when we passed each other at the traffic junction under the golden hour and this color would've been dull without the powerful sunlight. I turned around, watched her blend into the crowds and have only a moment to think before the red man says stop crossing.

Well she responded gracefully to my request and by saying gracefully, it indeed was. She took away the shades, untie and loosen her hair, straighten the dress and put on her hat. Believe me, the sunlight would've blown her face off without the hat as a diffuser!

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